19 June 2012

Let us give thanks

I began my shift with a small prayer:

Let us give thanks for Alcohol, Anxiety, and Gravity, without which we would be out of business...

Adds my partner, who happened to overhear me:

"Don't forget methamphetamines and impulsive decision-making."


  1. I could really do without gravity... If there's ever a space colony that needs people, I'm totally there. Just to get away from gravity.

  2. I'd add testosterone and stupidity.

  3. I think its poor coping skills that keep us all employed.

    got a fever or a cough? Go to the drug store and buy some Nyquil? Heck no! Hurry down to the ER.

  4. kbranson@boisestate.edu6/22/2012 8:37 PM

    Hey Doc.. quick question for you....

    Friend who had thyroid removed a year ago is in her early 60's. Started having odd head pain 18 months ago... now it is unbearable and no one can figure out what is causing it.

    She says it feels like a drill being pushed into her head above her ear and just a little above the base of her skull.

    The only way she can get relief is if she puts her head a certain way on a pillow. If she moves her head the pain starts again. Needless to say quality of life is awful at this time.

    So far none of the experts ( neurologists /oncologists) have been able to figure it out. Just wondered if you might have any ideas... Thanks!

  5. and lets hope there is never an epidemic of intelligence or we are all out of work

  6. In the overseas US Naval Hospital ER (aka Urgent Care/Sick-Call), my pre-shift prayer would include thanking sunburns, bug bites, non-life threatening rashes and one's strong desire to get out of work.

  7. And, hormones.

  8. Amen!!
    This translates delightfully well to veterinary emergency medicine, too. definitely sharing this! To adapt it slighly more for vet med I'd add: (1)anti-vaccers and (2) pot.

    (I'm assuming pot isn't really a toxicity for humans, but try to imagine a 4kg dog eating enough pot to mellow out a 70kg human. Not ideal.)

  9. Hey y'all, watch this!!

  10. Since neuro and onco can't figure out post op thyroidectomy headache I have full faith that addressed physician will. If not just come the ED. You can always expect us to figure out long term issues that your specialists are incapable of.


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