17 February 2012

10 year old girl battles pediatric cancer


Eva V is the daughter of some very close friends of mine. Her dad is a pediatrician and her mom is a pediatric oncologist, so kid's health and kid's cancer are topics with which she is very familiar. Her dad has participated in the St Baldrick's fundraiser for pediatric cancer research for the last several years, and this year Eva has decided to shave her head in support of pediatric cancer as well!

She is ten years old, and I've got to hand it to any ten year old girl who's brave enough to go bald for this cause.

I won't be shaving this go around — I've got a case of fatigue after all my family's been through this year, but I will be back next year. So if you are someone who's inclined to support the St Baldrick's Foundation against kid's cancer, or if you just want to support a brave young girl, then by all means please wander over to her donor page and toss her a couple of bucks!

As always, we do this in remembrance of Nathan Gentry and Henry Scheck, who lost their battles with cancer.


  1. Many thanks for the link, Dr. Shadowfax. Initially some of her friends were quite skeptical that she would go through with this. Now that the time is nearly here for the shaving event, several of them are going to donate some of their Christmas money to St. Baldricks.

    I'm proud of my girl for wanting to do this all on her own. The last two years she has brought something extra to each shaving event to raise money (she made hair clip flowers last year) and when she seemed steadfast in her resolve to be a shavee this year we supported her.

    I'd like to thank everyone in advance for considering a donation to St. Baldricks.

  2. Wow! Eva's goal is $2000 but she had raised $2100 already. And I'm sure it will gonna be more than that amount. This is a very inspiring post and Eva is an inspiration to many that even at a very young age, she had already given a sacrifice for those who are suffering pediatric cancer.

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  3. Pray Almighty to cure her disease.




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