02 December 2011

Holiday decorating tip

It's that time of year when folks venture up ladders and out onto their roofs, putting up christmas lights and other holiday decorations. My own house is lit up such that it is probably not visible from space, but could serve as a beacon for passing aircraft. (Energy-efficient LEDs, of course.)

Anyhoo, it turns out that if you're not really accustomed to working on a ladder or walking on a roof, and if conditions are cold, wet and icy, or if the roof is mossy, the chances of suffering an acute and traumatic case of gravity are pretty decent.

Be careful out there.


  1. Dear old people. Please stay off ladders. Wait until your kids come to visit. They will be happy to put up the lights for you.

  2. ... So, the 2 slanting diagonal lines, that's the part where the femur snapped in two? And the part where it looks like there are two separate bones in that leg, that's where the lower piece of the femur slid up and is now behind the top part of the femur?

    Also, did the lower part of the femur twist on the way up?

  3. I had a guy fall off his ladder and break his T-spine.

  4. 'Tis the season, gotta love that holiday trauma.

    I'll be up on the roof next week if it's dry. Hopefully I don;t have to come visit you afterward. I hate going to hospitals if I'm not being paid.

  5. @anonymous:

    The muscle of the leg will twist the bone that way. You find that people with femur fractures have shortened and internally rotated legs (i.e. point your toes inward at the fracture site)

  6. You have a lateral for us to see?

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