22 November 2011

The Physics of Angry Birds

The Physics of Angry Birds | Wired Science | Wired.com:

Yes, OF COURSE somebody has taken the time to figure it out.

Turns out the slingshot is 4.9 meters tall (yikes!) and the red bird is about 70 cm tall. Yowza. The launch velocity is a constant 22m/s.

God, I love the internet.


  1. Have you seen the Angry Birds movie trailer?


  2. One flaw in this is that the 4.9 meter sling shot is assuming it is on Earth when the article earlier points out that this is all occurring in a vacuum and so can't be happening on Earth. Perhaps by measuring some common object in the back ground of some scenes the scale could be determined, and from that gravity could be determined...

    Only checking on one bird type is a problem too. Are the physics the same for the other birds?

  3. No, no, they measured the downward rate of acceleration, and from that, knowing the force of Earth's gravity, they could convert the AB scale length into meters. It's true that there's no air resistance component, but there's no reason it can't be on Earth.

    And yes, they did a whole series (see the links at the bottom) including the yellow bird's supercharge acceleration.

  4. Missed that link. Very cool. Certainly it's Earth, the game designers would have mentioned it being another planet. My mind was just wandering farther outside the box than usual.

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