26 September 2011

Conversations from the back seat

Dramatis personae:
6 Year-old Son
3 Year-old Daughter

Setting: The back seat of my car.

3YOD: (looking out the window) I like that park. It's pretty. I wish I could play there.
6YOS: (world-weary and wiser) That's not a park. It's a cemetery.
3YOD: What's a cemeberry?
6YOS: A graveyard.
3YOD: Oh. 
3YOD: What's a graveyard?
6YOS: It's where they bury dead people.
3YOD: Why?
6YOS: Because they died.
3YOD: Why?
6YOS: When a person dies they put him in a grave in that yard.
3YOD: What's a grave? 
6YOS: It's a hole in the ground. They put the dead person in a box and put it in the hole.

[long pause]

3YOD: (delighted comprehension) Oh! And that's where they turn into zombies!
6YOS: Yes.


  1. That's so awesome! Today at lunch I heard somebody in line talking about their child's emergency drill at school, where they're supposed to get underneath the desks..."to hide from zombies".

    Zombies are the new black.

  2. ....Should not have been reading this in the library. But the mood dissonance with the mention of zombies is too funny.

  3. Clearly you're raising your kids right.

  4. I agree with VinceRN. This is scientific curiosity & reasoning of the best kind.

  5. Kinda makes you proud of the next generation, doesn't it?

    I suspect with that kind of knowledge that your house is fully equipped and prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse, then?

    (Your neighbors will thank you later).

  6. Awesome!!!! Excellent parenting skills always prepare the next generations for all possibilities.

  7. Reminds me of my wife's nephew, five years old at the time, explaining to me what a cemetery was: "It's where they bury people up. Yes, where they bury them up."

    Sadly, he's now twenty and doesn't say that any more.


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