09 August 2011


Stands for "Damn You Autocorrect!"

I'm sure half of these are fake, but even so they're fricking hilarious. Be sure to check out the "Best of DYAC" -- it's totally worth it.


  1. Ok, my stomach hurts from laughing. Thanks!

  2. I love that website SO MUCH. One time I was writing an email to my daughter's pediatrician and I wrote "I just wanted to touch base with you." and my iPad decided I meant "I just wanted to touch ass with you." I caught it before hitting send, but I know it can happen all too easy! LOL.

  3. I clerked with a woman for whom English was her second language. She said that the lawyers writing the briefs in a case were "playing hide the salami with me." I corrected, "Hide ball; they're playing hide the ball." She explained, "Yeah, I know, but hide the salami sounds funnier." I further explained, "Yes, but it means something very different."


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