17 August 2011

Breaking it in

Well, our new ER has officially been "christened." Somehow a drunk guy got out of his room, came right up to the nursing station, took a poo on the floor right in front of the main nursing desk, and went back into his room -- all without being noticed.

Yup, it's a great night in the ER when there's human feces on the floor in the main hallway.


  1. We had a similar christening in our new ER—a drunk came into the doc's office (all glass, so everyone can see in) and pee'd on a keyboard.

  2. Wouldn't be a good day without a little fecal action. Personally, I will stick with the opposite end.

  3. I will never call you people overpaid and that's a promise.

  4. Was his named Gerald Depardiau? Oh, never mind. That would be a hippa violation.

  5. It is always amazing on the nite
    shift how occasionally 600# of
    patient and family can up and
    disappear, leaving debris in the
    room and no one can recall the

  6. How did it taste? Nothing like good old fashioned warm C-Diff to get you in the mood!


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