29 July 2011

xkcd and Breast Cancer

A wonderful exercise in visualization of statistics from the patient's perspective:

The comic's quite long -- click the link to read the whole thing.

The fiance of Randal Munroe, creator of the xkcd webcomic was diagnosed with breast cancer at about the same time my wife was. So this one really hits home.


  1. Well-visualized graphics are beautiful and elegant. This is an elegant terror.


  2. Living with breast cancer that was diagnosed at stage 3. This comic is the best description I've ever seen of what it is like.

    I heartily endorse its conclusion, as well.

    Many thanks for the link and tons of white light and healing energy to your wife and all of us.

  3. Yeah, I thought of you and Liza when I read this. It sounds like her treatment is progressing well; best to you both.

  4. With appropriate adjustments, it works for prostate cancer too.

  5. This comic is perfect especially this month of October wherein the world is celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Peny | October Is World MRSA Awareness Month


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