02 June 2011

Further evidence of the death of journalistic standards

The New York Times will let any idiot write for them.


  1. A friend of mine in Boston linked to your blog a few weeks ago, and I was instantly hooked. However it wasn't until you linked to the NY Times article that I realized you were YOU.

    Hi!!!! Nice to see you're doing well :)

    Your sister's friend Beth from Northwestern. :)

  2. Ha--and here I clicked over thinking it would be a political piece by Sarah Palin. ; )

    Nice job on the article.

  3. Very good...I was a little taken aback when I started reading the NYT article, thinking, hey, these sound like reasonable proposals. Idiots? Then, oh right, figure of speech.

  4. I'm thinking they select their idiots carefully. But you qualitfy! Congrats!

  5. *qualify

    Thick fingers--sorry

  6. Our son, James (NU [ISP to begin]) linked us to your blog, which we have "enjoyed" (doesn't seem to be quite the right term) tremendously.
    Thanks for the literate considerations of contemporary issues. Keep it up.

  7. Usually the writing on the opinion page is of much higher quality than in the actual news articles they write.


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