21 April 2011

Where do I spend the bulk of my time?

According to the iPhone tracker:

Uploaded with Skitch!


Yeah, kinda creepy. Maybe not quite as accurate as I have heard -- when I break it down it looks like a grid pattern, not street by street, and some places appear I am pretty sure I have never been. That apparently has to do with the fact that the iPhone uses tower triangulation in logging its location. But the day-by-day log is much creepier:

iPhoneTracker day
Uploaded with Skitch!

I hear there's a harmless explanation, and I actually believe it. All cell phones d this, and forensic cell phone specialists have been able to access this data for a long time. The Droid does the same thing (though it, sensibly, deletes data after a certain time). This is a technical nerd-level mistake and not Big Brother. 

But still, man, creepy.



  1. Chris Cotter4/22/2011 8:14 AM

    The creators of the software purposefully degraded the data displayed. The actual data is actually much more accurate, and availabe second by second, instead of just day by day.

  2. Heh, I have probably walked by you a few times. That is my usual area exactly.

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