01 April 2011

Sarah Palin must be smiling

Ah, it's April Fool's Day (as I am sure you all figured out by now, having seen the Google logo for the day), and yet again, some dirty bloggers have managed to get egg all over the face of the bastion of the Lame-Stream Media, the Gray Lady herself, the New York Times.

This isn't the first time the NYT has been snookered by bloggers on April first, and in fact the same crew last year managed to pull off a less impressive version of today's epic pranking. For context, last year some law blogger claimed he was named the official White House law blogger, and made a brief appearance in one of the sort-of-blogs in the Times before they got wise and pulled it down. This year, though... wow! Front page, and with a photo! Better check it out quick before they pull it down.

UPDATE: I seem to be having trouble linking with the NYT's new suicide machine paywall. Ramona has the goods over at Suture For A Living.


  1. Ahahaha. Well played! I am quite ashamed to have fallen for that. Clicked through about 10 blogs before I caught on.

    The tip-off was when I end up back at lemon gloria.

    Maybe the times will run a story making fun of us, she would certainly be justified :).

  2. You got me, too. Good one!

  3. Oh you! I'm kinda proud that after only about 3 links I figured it out and started giggling as I kept clicking.

  4. Well, took me 3 links too.

  5. Yep, I fell for it, too. After getting slightly irritated by NOT GETTING THE LINK, DANGIT, I had to laugh when I figured it out. Thank you!

  6. Quickly realised it was probably some sort of circle jerk, but took me the full circle before I realised that was the joke.

  7. oh, sneaky! and you even played sarah palin to pique interest!


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