25 February 2011

Two Weeks to St Baldricks!

Two weeks from today I'll need to be wearing a hat (which is a sobering thought, since it's 22 degrees fahrenheit here today) because I'll have gone totally bald to raise money for kids with cancer. 
If you haven't taken a moment to sponsor my scalp, please do so: whatever you can afford. Baldrick's is a great cause, and the need for funding to support the research towards more effective treatments for pediatric cancers is a real one. Even gifts of $25 or $50 are appreciated. I'm over $10,000 raised so far -- tantalizingly close to my goal of $15,000 -- so if you can get me just a little closer to the finish line, I'll be very grateful.
You can donate on line at my personal St Baldricks page -- just click! Or if you prefer you can call toll-free 888-899-2253.
Thanks for considering!


  1. I wish I could be there, but am on call that night at MAMC.... Wish I could support in person! I'd love to take the first buzz

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  3. Just made my donation.

  4. Just made my donation - saw you are over your goal of 15K! Excellent.

  5. Can't make a donation right now doc because I am broke. But I really bow down to your efforts. Will let my colleagues know about this though.

  6. I can't donate any money but I think I'm going to donate my hair to one of the charities for kids with cancer. I was thinking of getting it cut, then I stumbled on your post and started researching hair donation.
    I have about a foot and a half of hair right now. If I don't want it someone else can have it and enjoy it. My hair fits all the requirements for donation.
    I might need someone to hold my hand through it, though. :S

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