06 February 2011

Super Bowl Open Thread

So who gets your vote for the greatest halfback ever?


  1. That the Bear won only one Superbowl with that inhuman beast of a talent is almost a criminal misuse of talent.


  2. Oh, and it's John Riggins, the most beloved combination of speed and talent of my youth.

  3. James Parsons2/06/2011 8:02 PM

    Marcus Allen made the best Super Bowl run I ever saw, when he reversed field against the Redskins, 70-ish yards for the touchdown I think.

  4. Marcus Allen is the devil.


  5. Yeah, we spent a pleasant hour watching tape of Payton, Barry Sanders, Marcus Allen, Bo Jackson, and Gale Sayers. They're all so different, it's hard to pick a "best". Sanders was untouchable -- he would get tackled and somehow land on his feet and keep running. Payton would see a tackler, lower his shoulder, and hit him so hard that the defender would fall down. Sayers would do the move that Michael Jordan perfected, where he would stutter step, freeze the defender, change directions in midair, and go the other way.

    they're all amazing, and they all make you realize how much Emmit Smith sucked.

  6. Put sanders on any team but the Lions and he's hands down the best.

  7. I've always been a Jim Brown fan myself.

  8. On the subject of Sweetness, I was unaware that he never saw the end zone in the Super Bowl, denied of that privelege because Chicago's one-yard run was done by none other than William "The Refigerator" Perry. Both Perry and Ditka assumed--wrongly, it turned out--that Payton would be back for other walks through the end zone, and both men came to regret their little stunt. That story forms a small piece of an ESPN "Where are they now?" story on Perry (http://espn.go.com/blog/nfcnorth/post/_/id/24104/william-perry-the-fridge-is-broken) which is quite sad.

    I learned of your site from the "flame war" on ER CTs. I enjoyed your response & look forward to reading more.

    The Marcus Allen run has to be the best single from-scrimmage run in SB history, but Jerome Bettis's "return to Detroit" game a couple years back probably the most inspirational (or smarmy, take your pick). As for single greatest performance overall, that I'd have to think about.


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