20 January 2011

Internet detritus

Happy/Sad Earth likes its moon. Reminds me of playing with my kids, especially when they are in the pre-toddler age.

via Bad Astronomy
The 50 most Loathsome Americans of 2010
Savage and hysterical (and bipartisan). Worth the full read. Fun examples:
30) Mitch McConnell
 Yet another example of the direct proportionality of evil to jowl size. In pronouncing that his most important job as Senate Minority Leader is to limit Obama to one term, McConnell accentuated the craven political discourse in which we now wallow. With two wars going and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the opposition leader might think that, but he’s not supposed to say it. But the gaffe of the Senate’s most pandering shill barely registered in the era of “Don’t retreat! Reload!”
Aggravating factor: “I mean, let’s be honest. Who wants to hang out with guys like Paul Krugman and Robert Reich, when you can be with Rush Limbaugh!”
Sentence: Second turtle stand-in at the forthcoming Noah’s Ark amusement park.

 40) Charlie Rangel
 It’s understood that corruption is our legislators’ raison d’ĂȘtre. Rangel so aptly plays the character of a crime boss that his image should jump to mind whenever you hear the words “member of Congress.” He dresses like John “Dapper Don” Gotti, sounds like Marlon Brando’s Vito Corleone, and looks like the Joker as played by Cesar Romero. Rated by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington as one of the most corrupt congressmen the past three years.
Aggravating factor: If John Q. Douchebag used Congressional letterhead to solicit funds for a college center named in his honor, had $600K in unreported income and assets, and didn’t pay taxes on his Caribbean home—to name three of Rangel’s 13 known violations—he wouldn’t be read a sternly worded letter by Nancy Pelosi. He’d go to jail. For a very long time.
Sentence: Dancing With the Stars.”

Finally, this is just hysterical:

Use caution before deciding to watch it. Remember, what is once seen can never be unseen.


  1. Such damage to such a stirring hymn.

  2. Acccccck!!!! My ears! My eyes!

  3. It is scary that these freaks live in our country. And WTF is she wearing??

  4. "Sarah has the wisdom, to walk through an open door".... you folks sure about that?

    Yes, hysterical indeed.


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