07 December 2010

Instructional Tattoo

From the KIROTV slideshow of The Ugliest Tattoos

I don't endorse, obviously, but it did make me laugh.


  1. I really laughed at this pic/caption (would't let me img src) http://catatonickid.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/emos-still-suck-21.jpg

  2. It's funny until you realize it's sad. It's a reference to how to commit a successful suicide. You want to cut long ways, not across. :(

  3. Or as one pithy friend of mine said: Across for Attention, Down for Death.

  4. Two time loser- there are no major vascular structures over the volar midline axis of the wrist- except for a large (very rare) persistent median artery (congenital anomaly). Better to slash axially along the radial and ulnar sides of the volar wrist. Just sayin'.


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