14 December 2010


If you read Bad Astronomy you've probably already seen this, but in this NPR article, a writer discussing scale shows a few cool relative maps, and also muses over the tiny area of the Moon which was covered by Armstrong and Aldrin.


Map of lunar excursion plotted on a baseball diamond


Neil Armstrong read the article, took issue, and responded.


  1. Interesting, and the response is very cool.

  2. I saw President Johnson present Tom Hanks the Medal of Honor in "Forrest Gump" and it looked just as real as the moon landing.

  3. Um, yeah. The moon landing looked pretty real in "From the Earth to the Moon," too. Your point is?

  4. Cool posting- the shear audacity and BALLS of hopping on a space craft and landing on the Moon is still amazing- 40 years later. Cajones !!!! Anything is possible !

  5. And if you've been to the Smithsonian, you get to see the part that came back. Holy cow, they went to the moon in something not much bigger than my desk chair covered in aluminum foil!


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