24 November 2010

Fricking Amazing

This blows me away:

Is this for real? It seems actually not possible, but then I don't know much about rugby. I do know the All-Blacks are supposed to be pretty good, though.


  1. American football is played by pussies who need LOTS of padding


  2. I can't see the vid. Can you post the direct link?
    I played rugby for 6 years and loved it. The only team sport I ever enjoyed.
    MUCH safer than football - after all not wearing helmets and padding makes you realise you are not indistructable. No forward passing and blocking also- the two biggest causes of injuries.
    The All Blacks are consistently one of the best international teams. Rugby is New Zealand's national sport after all.
    They are called "All Blacks" after a reporter about 100 years ago said the Kiwis played like "All Backs" since they were so fast and ran so much. Somehow it got aberated into "All Blacks" so they wear the black uniform.

  3. The NFL had a series of similar commercials a year or two ago.

  4. All sports seem to be coming up with these ads now. Here's the latest cricket one:


    Sadly, they're faked.

  5. Just copy and paste the link into your browser - your blog doesn't allow direct posting of links as far as I can establish.

    Yep, rugby is great :-)

    Btw I'm a Canuck with South African roots - pfffffttt to the Wallabies and the All Blacks ;-)

  6. OK -finally got to watch it. Incredible but I am sure a lot of it is faked. They kick ass in general though.
    Check out this:
    He was one of the very best and often unstoppable.
    Too bad he is now ill with renal failure.

  7. i am pretty fanatical about rugby. the all blacks at the moment are pretty much that good. watching them in a game is awe inspiring. i'm sure they did quite a few takes on that video, but i'd venture to say it's real.

    i might be wrong though.

  8. erp, jonah lomu was a monster. interesting to note he never scored a try against south africa. also in the 1995 world cup final our smallest player, joost, took him down.

    still he was an artist of the game. just not as good as a springbok, that's all.

  9. I'm with Bongi on this one - reckon the out-takes would make a mammoth video!
    BTW, Bongi the cup is ours next year...
    Go the ABs


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