07 October 2010

More ER animations

A better setting than the ER patient faking a seizure, which was inexplicably set in what appeared to be convenience store. This at least looks medical. But I am a little concerned about the red blood infusion just hanging in the background, not connected to anything. I'm pretty sure the Joint Commission would not approve of that.


  1. OK, this one always cracks me up. It reminds me of a paramedic friend and his complaining. It does have some of the usual foul language (to warn your more delicate viewers). IDK I guess it's the way the figures gesture, too funny.



  2. Haha! Too true, I'm afraid. I'm always astounded when the EC lobby is PACKED and at least 50% of the children are running around and jumping on the furniture...do they REALLY need to be in the EC? Definitely not.

  3. I used to be a pediatric private duty nurse. My pt's mom used to like to take her special needs child to the ER as a hobby. My great achievement as a nurse ( paid for by your tax dollars btw ) was to convince her to call first. Of course she would always over play the symptoms to the triage nurse even as I was shaking my head no. Of course the days she could be convinced NOT to go to the ER she'd take the child out shopping instead. I think we could save a lot of tax dollars by hiring these people some friends or disneyland tickets


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