26 October 2010

Japan's supreme contribution to human culture

I really don't know what to say about this, except that it's the GREATEST THING EVER MADE BY HUMAN BEINGS!


Srsly. Wow.


Make sure you check out what happens to the cat.


  1. I want those three minutes of my life back NOW!

  2. I could /feel/ my brain cells dying -- not just dying but committing suicide in job lots. With things like this, who needs a catastrophic CVA?

  3. Do they have medical marijuana in Washington?

  4. The following it a link to a translation of the video and also a narration of sorts, description of what is happening and why -- in that wacky video...


  5. This is seriously hilarious if you know anything about Japanese culture. They are notoriously xenophobic yet love to incorporate biys of other cultures into theirs (for example the Japanese word for soap "shabon" comes from the Portuguese word for soap "sabao").

    However the Japanese love puns and like English, the language has loads of synonyms in their language. Another thing that they like to do is toss random English words into their songs, doesn't have to make sense.

    However, the "show you show me" line is particularly clever, in that the "show you" is a pun for "shoyu" which of course is soy sauce.

    Reminds me of a scene in an anime where this girl had a crush on this guy named "Yuu" and this American exchange student knocked on her door. The girl, hoping it was her crush, threw open the door and blurted "YUU!" and he went "me?" and she went, "no, Yuu!' and replied 'me?" This all done in Japanese of course. The best part was seeing how she was horribly embarrassed (embarrassment again being a Japanese cultural no-no) the American said "Are you going to commit seppeku now?" to which she blithely remarked "oh nobody does that anymore".

    PS: they killed the cat cause he kept putting the wrong sauce (ketchup maybe?) on his eggs instead of soy.

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