23 August 2010

Your WTF moment for the day

I'm sure there is, somewhere, somehow, an explanation for this. It may even be a rational explanation, though it's kind of hard to imagine.  But still...

Now I want you to consider the prerequisite conditions for this photo to exist.

1.  Someone out there has a pet squirrel, or,
1a. There is an ethically challenged zookeeper

2.  This person has taught his or her squirrel to sit still for pictures, or,
2a. This person has a dead squirrel whose picture he takes (less likely)

3. This person has chosen to play elaborate dress-up games with his squirrel*

4. The decision was made to dress up the squirrel as, of all possible roles and costumes, the highest religious authority of a religion to which 1 billion human beings subscribe: the Pope

5.  In order to bestow adequate Pontifical Glory on His Holiness the Squirrel, a miniature and highly detailed version of the Vatican needed to be constructed.  (Of course)

There's a lot of insanity in each and every one of the above conditions. Even with 6.7 billion human beings living on Earth at this moment, it still seems statistically improbable that ALL of them were satisfied at the same time.  Still, there you have it: photographic proof that it is so!

Insert joke about the Nestorian Schism of 431 AD here.

*Human language has existed for about 100,000 years, and the English language has been spoken for maybe 1,500 years, yet it is highly possible that this is the first time that this exact sentiment has ever been expressed.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxCfxxeGhXA

  2. http://crappytaxidermy.com/ should explain it!

  3. Check out the post at WhiteCoat today. May have been the same lady.

  4. Yeah, I vote taxidermy. His back feet are up in the air; I don't think live squirrels really sit like that. Also: the hat. Seriously. Even squirrels have some dignity.

  5. Legos, Taxidermy ...SSDD Shadow.

    SCRN :o)

  6. I don't see any external gonads on the squirrel. Is that a girl squirrel trying to be Pope? Aren't there rules against that sort of thing? Women in the priest hood and all of that.

  7. Yes, AM, THAT'S the problem with the picture. That the squirrel is a girl. That's the problem.

  8. bad taxidermy. It reminds me of the Kevin Kling monologue about his boy scout squirrel taxidermy project. http://snipurl.com/10tiqi

  9. try this on for size:



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