21 August 2010

Lego iPad Stand (hardcore geekery)

What I do when I am bored:

Background here -- my wife is in the hospital after a (planned and uneventful) C-section with our new baby girl. Grandma is taking a shift at the hospital and I am home with the other kids. Number One Son was going to have a Lego-themed birthday party this week, until events intervened, and in anticipation of the party my wife had been buying Legos by the pound. (Seriously -- you can buy five pounds of Legos on eBay for like twenty dollars!  That's a lot of Legos.  What a wonderful world we live in.)   So we have huge bins of sorted Legos in the front room and the boys wanted to play.  So we did.  In between epic battles of Jedis vs orcs (don't ask), I built myself this work of art:

stand front

It's an iPad stand. I'm pretty pleased with it. It's sturdy and safe and well engineered to hold the iPad securely.

It also folds flat so it can go in my bag with a minimum of fuss
And yes, I will be taking it to work in case any of my partners are insufficiently impressed with my nerd-fu. (Meetings, not clinical use.)

It will take the iPad in portrait or landscape orientations.
front portrait

front landscape

The angle adjusts, though not easily, and I have it set for what I think is the optimum viewing angle.
stand rear
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

It will hold the naked iPad, which I use rarely, or the iPad in my DodoCase (tm). I can plug in the iPad for charging/syncing, and the cord coils securely when not in use. It's stylishly rendered in Stormtrooper white and Imperial black, and it has the symbol of the Old Republic on the front. Of course.

At this time I predict that my readership is currently divided between those of you feeling contempt/disgust and those who are feeling unmitigated envy. To the latter group I say this: you are my people.  You get me.

Also, I note I am not the first person to do this.  Not even close.  But I really have to admire this infinitely-adjustable motorized version.  But a) I don't have the motor/hydraulic push arm and b) it looks too fragile to travel and c) I don't really view angle adjustment as a killer feature, so I'm not going to try to replicate it.  Don't think I wasn't tempted.


  1. Congrats on the new baby. I have been reading your blog long enough that I think this is the second baby I have read about. :)

    And I *love* my iPad.

  2. first of all, congrats dood! ipad thingy-kewl. lego's by the pound??!? where have i been?

  3. Your nerd fu is strong, sir!

  4. Congratulations Dad! Probably don't show this to your wife while she's tired and sleep-deprived, though - she may question your priorities and respective levels of enthusiasm!

  5. totally ignoring the geekerie, congratulations all around!

    i don't have an iPad. sniff.

  6. Hey, I built a yarn swift out of Tinker Toys. I get it.

    Congrats on the baby.

  7. But I bet you are the first one to smack an Old Republic symbol on theirs, and for that I commend you. Also also congrats on the new kiddo!

  8. Nice!
    Congratulations with your baby girl!

  9. Congratulations on the new addition to the family, Dr. Appleseed.
    Hope wife and baby are doing well.

  10. ahahahaha, that's as nerdy as it gets!! love it =)

    (ps, congrats on your new baby girl!! i am sure she will be all about getting into those legos well before she is technically of age. girl nerds unite!)

  11. Congratulations on the newest little monster.

  12. This is a totally cool Lifehacker-worthy use of Legos. Congrats on the new addition.

  13. I have been catching up on your posts, which are always awesome. But when I read about your new baby girl, I had to comment and wish you and your beautiful family a heartfelt congratulations! I hope all are doing well.

    And the legos--I can't even begin to count the number of hours our three kids have bent over on the family room floor, building incredible structures. Architecture and engineering instead of medicine??? Just maybe...LOL

    Hope this finds you well.

  14. That is freaking amazing. I love you right now, so much! <3

    (Also gratz on the baby of course :-P Please make her a nerd too. The world needs more girl nerds).

    And I'd totally join in for jedis vs orcs. Warcraft orcs though please :D

  15. As a fellow geek, I can't help but point out that from what I can see, the symbol on the front of your genius iPad holder is that of the Coruscant Security Force. Either that or the Galactic Republic. I can't get a close enough look.

    And congrats on the new padawan!

  16. Stumbled across this post and have to say 1) Huzzah on your little girl! and 2) I am obviously one of your people. I'm just off to drag son's immense box of lego out the cupboard. Oh no wait, no point. I don't have an iPad...but Christmas is coming, right??


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