14 July 2010

I am not Mitch

Just for the record.


But the point is fairly taken, and thinking back, oh yeah, there are stories about me and my classmates that you simply do NOT want to know.

(via: the most excellent Abstruse Goose, which you should be reading.)


  1. Trying to cut down on your patient workload by scaring people away, I see. :D

  2. suffer from a chronic disease that is the back pain and I have already four years living with it, it's hard to say but the pains are intense and I have an 8 year old son asking if I can recover and get out of my bed to go for a walk with them park as a family ...

  3. I know a guy now who is a big wig cardiologist who when we were freshman together he ate a 1/4 oz of psilosybin mushrooms. He freaked out and stripped partially naked and spent two hours in the dorm shower just staring at his hand and pressing it into his abdomen.


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