24 June 2010

What GruntDoc said

I meant to write about this, but GD said it for me:

Emergency Medicine Excellence Award™

HealthGrades Identifies Hospitals Among the Top 5% for Emergency Medicine

HealthGrades is proud to announce that the first annual analysis of hospital emergency medicine programs found that the best-performing hospitals consistently outperformed all other hospitals for all eleven cohorts studied.

via Emergency Medicine Excellence Award™.

Neat, especially as Giant Community Hospital, where I humbly serve in the ED, is on the list.  As we got the award, I will not question, or even investigate, the methodology…

Nice to be noticed.


The only distinctions I would offer are that:
a) I serve but not humbly.  "Humble" just isn't in my repertoire.
b) Our Giant Community Hospital was the only one on our state to be recognized. Which is a huge thing considered there are some well-known downtown institutions which are rolling in cash who apparently don't perform as well as their low-rent suburban neighbors, though they still seem to have awfully high opinions of themselves.  Yeah, it may be meaningless, the methodology may be bogus, but I'm sure going to relish it.


  1. Nice.

    My Humility, it turns out, is debatable.

  2. So you work in Providence Regional Medical Center Everett?

  3. Congratulations! Humility is sometimes unnecessary.

  4. yeah! my ED made the list as well!

  5. Anonymous@6:12am -- bet you feel really clever. Two thoughts for you: Dr. Shadowfax apparently prefers to remain anonymous. And you are not nearly as clever as you think you are.



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