14 June 2010

Some Sad News

Thai was a regular commenter who gave me a lot of grief.  He had a much more conservative view, especially on the economics of medicine and the outlook for the future, with or without health care reform.  He was dogged in arguing his point, but he was always respectful and on-topic. When I saw his name pop up in the comments I always had to brace myself for the vigorous back and forth that was sure to follow.

We went to the same residency program, a few years apart. We never met but we corresponded a fair bit off-line.

I just found out that he died last week after sustaining a heart attack.  He left behind a wife and four boys.  I'll miss his contributions, and my thoughts are with his family just now.

In lieu of flowers, his family suggests donations to the Thai McGreivy, M.D. Memorial Fund, which was established by the family in Thai’s honor to fund educational scholarships for excellence and intellectual curiosity in science, mathematics and economics.  To contribute by check: Make checks payable to the “Thai McGreivy, M.D. Memorial Fund/CFNCR” And mail them to: The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region Attn: Kenny Emson, 1201 15th Street NW, Suite 420, Washington, DC 20005


  1. Doc-

    You're a class act; I'm sure the late Dr. Thai was also. If we can set aside our egos, we can often learn a lot from those with whom we cannot seem to agree.

    There was a time that the phrase "respected opponent" was used for those with whom we disagreed but with whom we continued speaking.

    I'm not the only one who misses the civility of days gone by. I try to act with respect toward those with whom I disagree.

    It isn't easy to act respectfully when we refuse to listen, when name-calling and curse words are the response to anything to which we cannot quickly reply.

    But for the seriousness of some of the subjects, it would bring to mind the old comedy sketches of The Smothers Brothers (Oh, yeah?) and Emily Litella (Never mind...)

    Another reason not to laugh, in addition to the seriousness of the subjects is the tendency on the part of some to want to hit, to cut, or to shoot over anything perceived as disrespect.

    I've only today discovered your blog, but I'm sure I'll return.

    Have a great day today & a better day tomorrow. Stay safe, and may God bless. I wish you His peace.


    Don't trust a politician with your vote if he won't trust you with a gun.

  2. Very sad news. Best to his family in this tough time.

  3. My condolences to his family. I'd seen him post comments in other blogs as well, and he did know his arguments.

    I hope that his family finds comfort in the memories that they have of him.


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