03 June 2010

How (un) popular is HCR?

I recently had a lively debate over at Gruntdoc about some polling from Rasmussen which suggested that a large majority of Americans would like to see the Health Care Reform law repealed.  My thoughts were that this reflected the republican-leaning house effect of the pollster Rassmussen, himself a former GOP strategist.  However, it leaves unanswered the question of where public opinion is on the HCR law and what implications that may have for its future.  The Congressional GOP has staked out its position: repeal, going so far as to introduce their bill to that effect.  I suppose that it's an exercise in hypotheticals, since even with a landslide the GOP won't have the Senate or the White House for the 112th Congress.  But where are the opinions now that the law is passed, things are settled, but most of the goodies are not yet in effect?

Well, turns out that Pollster's poll of polls still shows a modest and stable six-point generic opposition to the HCR law: