18 May 2010

Curing Malaria with Fricking Lasers

This is way cool:

I'm skeptical it'll ever hit that mass deployment, but even if it doesn't whoa is it cool.

If you're not already listening to them, I highly recommend the TED talks as commute-worthy listening.


  1. You should probably include a warning for mosquitophiles. There will probably be complaints from whomever the Jenny McCarthy of the malaria world happens to be.

    I loved the slide - Do not look at laser with remaining eye.

  2. "pinky sucking moment" -- Only an evil frickin' doctor can pull that off. ;-)

    Very cool video.

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  4. medstud(ent)5/19/2010 2:03 PM

    Hey thanks for reminding me about TED! I'll end up spending hours watching that this summer. There is a really neat one on there about angiogenisis too.


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