10 April 2010

A Brief Dramatic Scene

The Setting: a large open-air ER ward. All beds are empty except for one, upon which a Patient lies in moderate discomfort.
Enter: A Doctor, a Nurse, and a Tech. They attend to the patient. Nurse begins to start an IV, Tech affixes monitor wires, Doctor reviews the chart.

Doctor: Sir, I see from the chart that you are having some abdominal pain. When did this pain first start?

Patient (in a very matter-of-fact tone): I think the pain started sometime after I finished eating that gallon of peanut butter.

(Doctor responds with a blank stare, queries Nurse and Tech with a glance. They maintain carefully neutral facial expressions.)

Doctor (to Patient): I really don't know what to say to that.

(Nurse and Tech double over with poorly-muffled laughter.  An awkward silence follows.)



  1. But it was a really, really big sandwich!

  2. Brilliant!

  3. If my husband ate that much peanut butter, he would be in the ER.

    Partly because I would kick him out before he gassed us out.

    Also, because he would be sooooooo sick.

    Some people can't handle their peanuts.


  4. Gah! I want to know what happened next.


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