30 March 2010

Oh my, there goes my morning

I was going to put up a few actual medical posts, since I have quite a few that I have more or less written and ready to go once polished up a bit, but then I came across this:

Apple iPad guided tours

So instead I'll be spending the morning watching how my iPad is going to make my life awesome.  Oh, when will iPadmas finally get here?  I ordered mine (of course I ordered one) on the first day preorders were available, but since I opted for the 3G model it doesn't ship until "late April."

I can't stand the waiting.


  1. I ordered the same model I can't wait. Apparently citrix works on it so I can do my EMR on the ipad

  2. I am wildly envious! are the orders limited to US or open to Asia?

  3. I have the Wifi only version on order so April 3 is my ipadmas. I'll post on first impressions. Will it be deliverd on Sat? That would be a nice Easter Bunny gift.

  4. Got it. First impressions - Screen is grea - nice and sharp. Easy to read ipad apps like news from USA today app + Bloomberg (apps made for ipad).

    Pleasant surprise is speed. Everything comes up faster than my iMac or iPhone. Very impressive.

    Weight is a problem. Feels a bit heavier so if you are holding it for a bit of time, it will seem heavy (large hands will help). This might change once my ipad carry case arrives which is foldable as a easel type display if you want.

    iBooks looks awesome.

    Now, let's give it some time + see if I still like it as much in a month.

  5. Is it too late for you to cancel your order? :-)
    I just read an article about the HP Slate. Awsome...

  6. To quote Tom Petty "The waiting is the hardest part"

    Enjoy Enjoy...I got to touch it for the first time at 5:43a local time 3 April.

    Twas awesome :-)


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