17 March 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Hope you get a chance to raise a Guinness this fine evening.  I'll be home with the family, but will celebrate in spirit with all of you.

As for the promised Baldrick's update -- I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to post it earlier, but here goes:

The family and I arrived at the Fadó Pub in Seattle at about 6 on Monday and met up with fellow physician-blogger and shavee Carlos V and his family.  Carlos, a pediatrician, and his wife, a pediatric oncologist, had recruited a couple of their cancer kids to help with the shaving!  Both kids, curiously, were named Angel.  They each took the first few swipes with the razors (with a good-natured attempt to get the eyebrows as well!) and there was much rejoicing. 

Unfortunately, the pub was loud and crowded and it was a school night, so we couldn't stay as long as we might have liked, and after only three pints of Guinness we had to take off.  (Funny note: I've gotten addicted to the big hop taste of Pac NW beer, to the point that I no longer enjoy Guinness as I once did.  But, in an Irish pub, on tap, drunk from a pint glass, it's as wonderful as it ever was.)

The total raised to this point is $10,500 for me, and $23,500 for Nathan's Network!  Note, though, that it's not too late to give, and Carlos still isn't quite at his goal yet -- so click over and help him get to his goal of $3,000!

Carlos was savvy enough to alert the local media, and we got a nice segment on the evening news (video) and also a write up in the Seattle Times.

The razor job from the pub is always a little rough, and I generally don't feel that I've given my donors their money's worth unless I go clean, so when I get home I got a good sharp razor blade and cleaned it down to the skin (YOU try doing that after a few pints of Guinness!) nice and smooth.  It always shocks me how temperature sensitive my scalp is after going bald!  I feel every gust and draft of air, and if I should walk under an unshielded light bulb in reflexively flinch away from the heat!  Crazy.  Also, the stubble after a few hours is like velcro when you pull a t-shirt over your head and you reliably wrench your neck until  you learn to compensate for the extra friction.

I figure that I'll keep it clean shaven for a couple of weeks before letting it grow back out.  I'm really just delaying the inevitable -- I look OK bald, but the fuzzy growing-out period is quite comical looking.

If you would like to enjoy pics of the shaving and resultant chrome-dome, feel free to click through to the photo album, but remember that if you look at the pictures and derive any pleasure at all, and you did not give, then you're no better than a common thief.  But you can purchase the moral right to laugh at our baldness if you just help Carlos get the last $750 to hit his goal!

Now go enjoy this holiest of all the drinking holidays:


  1. There was a segment on "The Early Show" with Harry Smith too. Very good cause.

    I remember how it felt when I lost my hair. Any breeze, even just opening a door, was a weird feeling. Every slight breeze could be felt sliding across your scalp. I'm glad to have mine back down past my shoulders!

  2. Great pics! I hope Carlos makes his goal; it was a privilege to kick in on it.

  3. If you don't donate, the terrorists have won...



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