24 March 2010

Construction of a new hospital

Click to cromulently embiggen!

Got a tour of our new hospital yesterday.  Remembered my camera this time, but unfortunately they hustled us through the ED pretty quickly, so I only got a couple of shots (and I forgot my wide-angle lens, too, which is worse if you're trying to take architecture pictures).  But it was cool, especially going up on the roof to see the new helipad, the ICU in its very rough stages, and the simply awe-inspiring wide-open elevator shafts.  This building is made solid -- amazingly so -- cross-bracing engineered to withstand an 8.8-magnitude earthquake and glass paneling which can flex 2.5 inches to withstand sustained 70-knot winds (or more).  And did I mention the ER is going to be 80 beds?

If you want to see what a new 350-bed hospital looks like in the final stages of rough construction looks like, feast your eyes on these pictures.  Envy me.  But, like Christmas, the waiting is the hardest part.  We are three months ahead of schedule and under budget, but we still don't open until June 2011.  (sigh)


  1. 80-bed ER?? I don't think our entire HOSPITAL has 80 beds!

  2. I wish our ER only had 80 beds...

  3. Anyone want to guess why they build big projects like this during a recession? Because the price of labor is down. Zing!

  4. So is there anything left of the "old" hospital when this is completed? This is the hospital I was born at.

  5. Ah ha. I know where u are now! I used to work in the Women's Pavilion L&D over from u - same city ;) different building.

    ....Until a truck hit me in an accident on the highway....which ended my L&D career.....which is why I do telephone triage now ....
    I loved that hospital and job. :(

  6. Hospital have to be constructed with proper equipment,management,more than 80beds and qualified doctors to treat.

  7. A 350 bed hospital? Wow that will be a a big construction project worth seeing. The helipad on the roof looks huge!


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