27 February 2010

Working in the shadow of the beast

Our new hospital is finally taking shape. Won't be open for another year, but it's looking good.

Got a tour of the new ER under construction the other day. GodDAMN it's going to be huge. I'm getting excited in anticipation.


  1. The real test will be if you can take great big steps and wave your arms around without knocking anybody out... just because you can.

    -it's the little things.


  2. Everyone likes a snazzy new place to work, but our bed count per patient hospital days is well above OECD averages.

    So, if you really are keen on true health reform a new hospital wouldn't be in the works.

    It's not just the insurance companies that are the problem. It's every single part of the pipeline.

    You like to highlight the patients that ignore the facts that are directly in front of them ("I was told I had high blood pressure once"), but...doctor, heal theyself :)

    Just once it'd be refreshing to see you write about the wastes in your areas (the $20 aspirin) and one less ranting about insurance.

  3. That wouldn't happen to be the Providence Medical Center they're building up in Everett would it?

  4. Was there some sort of federal incentive for new hospital building over the last little while or something? A couple I know of down here are working on shiny new buildings as well.


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