12 February 2010

Vancouver 2010

This is beautiful.   If you haven't visited Vancouver, you should.  It's a beautiful city, especially in the summer.  I'm also a sucker for time-lapse photography. I love the way the fog ebbs and flows and surges, just like water.  Very cool.

I'm kind of bummed that we are so close to the Winter Olympics and will not be able to go.  It's a simple matter of cost, kids, and the fact that I'd rather be skiing myself than watching someone else ski, even if that someone else *is* Bode Miller.  So we'll be in California skiing this week -- posting may be light. 

But next year, with the frenzy and the construction of the Olympics over, we will most definitely be looking at real estate in Whistler.  At least so I dream.  if nothing else, I'll get to do the men's downhill run, and that will be cool.  I'll pretend I'm Bode Miller.


  1. Yup. In time lapse, you don't get to see the drug users, homeless, and civil liberties being swept away to make way for the Olympics.

  2. Whistler/Blackcomb is the nicest skiing I've done. I made it down the downhill course in *significantly* longer time that we'll see this weekend. :)

  3. Real estate in Whistler? Oooh, lucky you. I agree with Marc--Whistler/Blackcomb is awesome. I've never skied anywhere that had as many long, wonderful, powdery runs. On one of the trips there, I was five months pregnant (no mogul fields, ha!); also, I discovered that the only restrooms at the very summit of Whistler were these compost toilets within open-air cubicles (I think they've since upgraded those facilities). Another thing I remember from that trip was that my ponytail, thick with snow from the ride up, froze nearly solid and hung from my head like a two-foot popsicle. It's worth shivering though, because the ice formations up at Seventh Heaven are indescribably spectacular, and the runs on the way down are like nothing on earth. Even when it's warm and the lower third of the mountain is slushy, Whistler beats other resorts by a vertical mile and then some.

    How I wish I lived closer to mountains, especially those mountains!

  4. Our biggest problem with visiting Vancouver (the northern version, don't forget there is another in your state just north of Portland, OR), is sneaking in without relatives finding out!

    That last few times I have been in Vancouver was chaperoning school band trips for my one child who played a wind instrument. Sadly, we even told relatives and family friends that the child would be in the Hyack parade, and they never showed (oh, but go to Vancouver without telling them... Ack!).

    Vancouver is very fun and interesting. Especially if you walk just a few blocks from Gastown and end up in a more wild and woolly part of the city. My son got a very interesting lesson in how to think fast as a sophomore when he and a freshman wandered into the Scientology building!

    (Timmyson, that happened during Expo '86, and it may happen again... and never ever make the mistake that the laws in the USA flow to Canada. Some people actually think they are the same, but Canada is very different. They work with different rules, and they are not always in your favor. I love the place, but there are enough differences between provincial/federal jurisdiction and civil liberties that keep me south of the border!)

    The game we play while watching the SyFy (formally SciFi) channel is to recognize the location in the Vancouver area being filmed.

    My teenage daughter is presently in BC (Penticton, far away from the Olympics) with a friend. Since she is a minor we gave her friend's parents a letter with both of our signatures that she had our permission to be with them (plus every phone number available if they had questions). If you ever decide to go up to your Whistler cabin with one parent, be sure to have a letter from the other parent.

    There is one thing we have learned from taking our kids up to BC to visit relatives is that the Canadian border patrol does make sure that the kids are ours. Before passports were required I got each child a Washington State ID card, which was looked at very closely when we first took them up to a family reunion (the youngest was five!).

    Of course they all need passports now. Not to get into Canada (birth certificate and photo ID, like a school card... though one child on a band trip used the previous year's high school yearbook!), but to get back in the USA.

  5. You should check out Big White where I had a chalet for a few years. Not as expensive but the skiing is more consistent and the powder is unreal. Plus you can take a plane from Seattle to Kelowna (much easier than the drive to Whistler) plus there is a helicopter that will take you from Big White to Silver Star. Or on to Sun Peaks. Then, if you are really bored, there is Apex just south of Big White, and another 3 smaller ski hills to check out. Locals know the best skiing is in the Interior of BC.


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