24 February 2010

St Baldrick's Approaches

Cancer sucks.

Cancer sucks more (if that's possible) when it's a kid suffering from cancer. 

Kids shouldn't die.  It seems like such a simple sentiment, almost a truism.  But they do, and each one who dies leaves a gaping hole in their families, and their friends and their communities.  And it's just wrong.

There's a feeling of futility when you see a child you know terminally ill, and an intense desire to do something about it.  When Nathan Gentry died two and a half years ago, I knew that I wanted to do something to try to prevent more children from dying.  Fortunately, there is a organization dedicated to supporting research into cures and treatments for childrens' cancers: The St. Baldricks Foundation.

St Baldrick's plays off the tradition of friends, schoolmates, and family members shaving their heads in solidarity with the kids who lose their hair due to chemotherapy, and extends it to the larger community.  Baldrick's raises millions of dollars every year for kids' cancer research, and after carefully screening applications for the most promising projects, grants over 85% of that money directly to the investigators working on treatments.

I'll be shaving my head in Seattle on March 15, at the Fadó pub.  I'd like to ask for your support and your gift to help in the fight against pediatric cancers.

Please click on the link, and make whatever donation you can, large or small.  The larger the gift, the greater impact it will have, but even the most modest gifts help! Know that you're donating to a good cause, and enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling that good Karma brings to the generous.

Thank you.

Click here to donate.

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