16 February 2010

Reversing the metaphor

Well before Atul Gawande's "Checklist" article, the example of aviation's quality/safety procedures had been commonly held out as a model for how health care should operate.  Root Cause Analysis of adverse outcomes, no-fault reporting and the like were promulgated through health care, with highly positive effects.  The safety record of surgical anesthesia is directly attributable to their adoption of aviation's procedures. 

This is, however, the first time I have seen a proposal that aviation should work more like health care:

Oh my god, listing to the "service rep" talk in this video gives me the chills -- they have so perfectly captured the bland institutional inflexibility that I have experienced from every corporate drone from Verizon to our health care carrier.  It's perfect.

(h/t Kevin MD)


  1. H/T Kevin? Dude, I sent you this weeks ago. It is painful to watch this video, it is so well done.

    My favorite is: "Fax? Who still uses faxes anymore?!!"


  2. You're right, Dr. SF--that woman's voice is spot-on. Eerie.

    In fact, it's so spot-on, and the runaround she gave the customer was so familiar to my ear, I suddenly need a glass of wine and it's only seven in the morning.


  3. This is great! I got chills, too. Of course, the guy losing it at the end and going off on the verbal tirade? is how I feel in healthcare most days - AND I WORK THERE. omg.

    I'm re-posting...Thanks!


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