04 February 2010

The Mountain's Out

After weeks of steady rain/drizzle and rare if any glimpses of blue sky, it's always a shocking thing to drop the kids off at school on a clear morning and see Mt Rainier towering over the southern horizon.  It gives me a visceral jolt, like, "Hey where the heck did that massive thing come from?  Has it always been there and did I never notice it?  Or did it just sprout up like a spring flower?"

By the summer, which is quite clear in this state, I've gotten used to its presence again.  But the incessant grey of winter makes me forget that it exists.


  1. Ahhh lovely. The rocky mountains are truly what I miss most now that I am living in Ireland.

    I remember the same feeling whenever Mt. Baker would suddenly rise out of the mist!

  2. I love Mt. Rainer! This is a great shot! Every year I look forward to the summer time so I can see the mountains!

  3. Tohoma is one elusive mountain. The fact you say that you see it often in the summer, I hope, means the air quality has improved since my youth (I live in "flyover country" now). I remember telling visitors to look down Rainier Vista on the Univ. of Washington campus, but most the time the mountain was not to be seen.


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