14 February 2010

Invade a Hospital

Via Andrew Sullivan

Note: the cited numbers may well be bogus. But the overall point remains that access to health care should be a national priority on a par with national defense.


  1. Eh maybe, but remember physicians are only 5-15% of the picture. The rest of people's health is largely out of our direct control (environment, personal choice, etc.)

  2. It's not just that the terrorism death number may be too low; the 45,000 people per year dying for lack of health insurance is not solid. I've been told in no uncertain terms that progressives hate to be referred to Megan McArdle but I am nonetheless going to recommend her ongoing series of posts about these numbers. I believe this
    is the oldest one and you can find follow-ups after that.

    The number of people actually dying for lack of health insurance seems important to me because it informs the remedy. If 45,000 people are dying every year, the system needs an overhaul; if 1,000 people are dying every year, then a smaller, targeted approach makes more sense.

  3. How do I et this poster? I want it in my waiting room, on my wall,and in a few other thousand places-I couldn't find the source

  4. How many die of MRSA or other failures to clean?

    How many die of physician mistakes?

    How many die of surgeon mistakes?

    How many die because the staff administered the wrong meds or meds in the wrong dose?

    Seriously, it runs into the hundreds of thousands of patients every year.

    Who chopped off the wrong limb, chopped out the wrong appendix, etc.

    Get a grip folks!

  5. Those numbers aren't bogus. In 2005 the Bush administration changed the definition of ‘terrorism’ to make the numbers 24x higher then they were the year before. Jake used numbers from 1985-2004 -- it's statistically legit to cut through bushit.