16 February 2010

Going Bald Once More

Yup, St Patrick's day is soon approaching, and that means that St Baldrick's day is also approaching.  My ER's a bit understaffed this year and the event I had hoped to attend in Chicago fell through, so I'll be shaving here in Seattle, at Fado's pub on March 15.  Come down and join us, raise a pint, and chip in to help beat children's cancers.

This is my third year doing this, and I do it in memory of my friend Nathan Gentry, who lost his battle with Neuroblastoma at age seven, and in memory of Henry Scheck, who passed away from Medulloblastoma.

Children's cancer research is underfunded compared to adult cancers, in part because they afflict fewer people, and in part because the huges successes in treatments for some leukemias and lymphomas have made the need seem less dire.  But when it's your kid who is diagnosed with a malignancy, and you're talking to the oncologist about research protocols (something like 90% of pediatric cancer patients are enrolled in clinical trials), you realize how vital -- and how tenuous -- the funding for these experimental treatments is.

So I ask you to take a moment, click through to my donation page, and donate what you can to support my efforts with St Baldrick's Foundation this year.  It's a great cause, and whatever you can afford is highly appreciated.

Thanks for your consideration.

Click here to donate.

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  1. I am so glad to hear you are doing St Baldrick's. I love the outpouring of support from his friends for this event. Post pictures! (PS-I really enjoy your blog,when I understand it.) :) (Oh, I am not a random stranger. Really. I have known Luke since high school and got to your blog from his blog.)


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