17 February 2010

Flying through Ireland

What a beautiful country.   Never seen it from the air before.  I also wonder where they got that footage -- in the US, flying that low can get you in a heap of trouble with the FAA, not to mention getting yourself killed.  Still, cool.


  1. There is one scene where you can see the shadow of a little cessna.

    Beauty shots and yes that is how it looks. :) What I want to know is how they managed to get so many shots without cloud and rain. Must have taken years to compile--hahah.

    Too bad I pretty much only see the 'inside of a classroom' view most of the time!

  2. Even more than England, Ireland shines out of the sea with this surreal green glow. It really is a beautiful land.

    Next time I visit, I'll pack my long undies and warm cardigans, though--I was in Dublin in late June, and it was BLOODY COLD! Fortunately, every other door on my hotel's street opened into a pub, even the ones on either side of the "gym" where I attempted to work out (only to discover I was the lone chick in a room full of boxers, jump ropes, and punching bags--no elliptical trainers or yoga mats, sorry).

    Also: the fish and chips are better in Ireland. Please don't tell the Queen I said that.


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