14 October 2009


Seriously.  And get the damn shot.

In our community, there was a six-year old with H1N1 who developed pneumonia and staph sepsis (MRSA, of course).  Resulted in septic emboli and necrotizing fasciitis. Very grim prognosis.

Get the shot.


  1. Don't want to come off as a vaccine hater, but the vaccine has been shown to cause Guillain-Barre syndrome. Sure it's a one in a million chance (literally) but you definitely wouldn't want to be that one. Eh I'll probably get the shot if it comes to my school health center.

    Vellozzi C, Burwen DR, Dobardzic A, Ball R, Walton K, Haber P (March 2009). "Safety of trivalent inactivated influenza vaccines in adults: Background for pandemic influenza vaccine safety monitoring". Vaccine 27 (15): 2114–2120.

  2. Death rate from Influenza: 1 in 1,000. Chances you'll get influenza this winter: 3 in 5. You do the math.

  3. If I could find the H1N1 vaccine I would give it to my asthmatic five year-old in a heart beat (she already got the regular flu vaccine), but neither her ped or allergist have it or know where to get it although they both agree that she needs it. Where the heck are you supposed to get the shot from?? (just a little frustrated, and after two previous hospitalizations for viral induced asthma flares, these stories worry me so much)

  4. Cindy,
    It's slowly coming into communities. I'm in CA & some of our pharmacies are getting the nasal mist already - but the mist is contraindicated in asmathic children unless given in a peds office with rapid access to resus.

    The preservative free will be released next - a week or two. She can get that injection since she's a Tier 1 patient.

    Best bet is to call your Public Health Dept. For this vaccine, the Public Health Depts are the ones who have the distribution info. From there, each county is different - some directly to pharmacies & peds, some to clinics & peds, some counties choose administration only thru public health offices (those who still have money & staff - NOT CA).

    You can always log onto the CDC website also. Good luck!

    Good luck!

  5. There was a 5 year old here who died a couple days after her symptoms started. The H1N1 virus kept stopping her heart.


    Key phrase "This is the first time a child in San Diego County without any underlying medical issues has died from the H1N1 virus."

  6. Update - I contacted the local health department and my daughter is signed up to get the H1N1 vaccine in a week. Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. It's pretty wild - the vaccine is hard to find. I've called my PCP (absolutely outstanding) and their office doesn't have it yet.

    I'm getting a 'regular' vaccine on the 19th. I'm not in a high-risk group, but I have a lot of contact with people, so it seems prudent to do this sooner rather than later. But where to find it? Yikes...

  8. We will get it as soon as we get over the flu. :)

  9. The medical clinic I go to was offering free flu (regular) flu shots. Unfortunately I was not allowed to get one because I was running a fever. From pneumonia. Amusingly I thought I had the flu.

    (It's been a fun time. ME: [cough like mad.] RANDOM PERSON: oh my god you have the flu you should be at home! ME: nah, it's only pneumonia. Don't worry I'm antibioticed and not contagious. THEM: OH MY GOD YOU HAVE PNEUMONIA!?!?)

    Sadly I don't have the money to get shots otherwise. Hopefully the clinic will have another free flu shot session.

  10. Moose, you know it is "only" pneumonia? Viral or bacterial? Had a flu swab? Take care.

    -An ICU RN with 3 H1N1 patients with pneumonia.

  11. Well, I would but, where are they ?
    Here in Austin, Texas, there is no sign anywhere of H1N1 shots, unless you are a convict. On Monday they will start giving H1N1 shots to 45000 inmates, and i don't have a problem with that, if there were shots available for the general public as well. Off course all the call-in talk-shows say it's Obama's fault.
    I wanna puck, and it's not for the flu...


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