21 October 2009

What I'm eating

Apple Cobbler

Home made Apple Cobbler, made from apples picked in our front yard.

Yeah, you should be envying me right now.


  1. I envy the cobbler, but the whole left-wing Democratic blogger thing is still quite ridiculous. :-)

  2. Looks delicious!

  3. Ah, Fiestaware dishes.

    Preferred by four out of five families with three or more children.

    They take a licking and keep on...ah, I'm done.

    We--well, I--made apple compote with Honeycrisp apples this weekend. Not from our own tree, mind you (this is Florida), but delicious anyway. We piled it onto home-made cinnamon Belgian waffles, and everything disappeared almost instantaneously. I have made a mental note to buy a second waffle iron, since none of my three lads (four if you count the husband) is happy about waiting for his while the person next to him is going Mmmm...ahhh and licking his fingers.

  4. who is the baker in your household? you or the wife? looks great!


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