13 October 2009

That's why they call them "Donorcycles"

Creepy Analysis of Motorcycle Helmet Laws [PDF]:
Our estimates imply that every death of a helmetless motorcyclist prevents or delays as many as 0.33 deaths among individuals on organ transplant waiting lists.
That's awesome.  No, not awesome: terrible.  Maybe both.  I don't know what to say, except it's somewhere on the fine line between fricking awesome and completely awful that someone went through and did the math on this one.

(via Crazy Andy)


  1. And that's why a few states have changed their helmet laws..
    You start seeing a decline in donors and you look to the why, find out the helmet law had something to do with it, so you repeal the law for the sake of the 'motorists right to choose'.

    ok, whatever, if it's get my kid a new liver so be it.

  2. Thanks to JEB!, we have lots of fresh livers (etc.) in Florida for those in need. Gotta keep the government out of my flowing, windswept tresses! And my splattered, streaming cerebro-spinal fluid! Also!


    Thanks a bundle for posting this. I've sent it to Mr. litbrit, an avowed helmet-wearing racecar driver, in the hopes he will forward it on to his brother, who insists on riding his motorcyles sans brain-bucket.

  3. Sure, motorcycle riders have the right to ride without a helmet; however, such folks should be mandated to have their own health insurance coverage to pay for their trauma activations and ICU stays.


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