27 October 2009

OK, just one quick off-topic post

I so love flowcharts

Via Pharyngula


  1. Quite frankly, I find this to be an inappropriate post.

    While blogs are a free medium and there is no harm in the expression of well-intentioned opinion, there is a problem with a posting intended to demean, shame and scorn the seriously held beliefs of other people. If this is what your beliefs lead you to do, I would urge you to reconsider them.

    Perhaps you would like it if I used my blog to lampoon the good-hearted physicians I work alongside every day? Perhaps a flowchart to make fun of their specialty or medical beliefs?

    Don't worry. I wouldn't do that. I respect them too much.

    The Rev. Dr. C. Scot Giles
    Board Certified Chaplain

  2. ^^The poster above doesn't seem to have seen the flowchart about choosing physician specialties. It's pretty funny too.

    I find this totally appropriate. Amusing, too.

  3. Sweet mother this is funny, mostly because I really love bacon and also happen to be a generic Christian.

    And CSGiles, it's equal opportunity offensive. No reason to get upset. Unless you're only upset because your flow went down the "naturally annoying" pathway...

  4. What if I fucking love bacon AND hummus?

  5. Oh CSGiles, lighten up. You're hardly an advertisment for your faith with your pompous attitude.

    I'm a Jehovah's Witness and found that freaking hilarious.

  6. Great Post! It leaves out Agnostic/Deisim however. And I agree with Helen. I think everyone loves Hummus, Bacon, and ETOH but their religions annoyingly prevent their consumption one way or another!

  7. what if you love magical underware and chinese take-out?

  8. Incomplete flowchart - it doesn't allow for sets |A| where the cardinality includes all named foods....

    (likes hummus AND bacon).

  9. Also, jews eat plenty of hummus.

  10. This is the funniest flow chart I've ever seen. Dr. Giles, you need to lighten up. Laughter is good for the body and soul, and you don't appear to have gotten your RDA today.......

  11. CSGiles

    Actually, I don't think it's a fair comparison of demeaning one's faith and demeaning one's occupation. Many times faith defines a person. One's occupation doesn't necessarily define a person and a lot of times it doesn't. Faith is also a very personal thing that one holds up on a pedestal.

    His post was more analogous to someone making fun of Shadowfax's charity work. Or ridiculing the way that he raises his children.

    I've been following SF's blog for about 1.5 years now and in terms of medicine, it's a pretty great blog. Politics....ehhh. Being a Christian myself, his posts on religion can be a bit offensive, but it comes with the territory I suppose. I mean with posts about people's beliefs in angels and the giant spaghetti monster (a long time ago) this is definitely not the first time and probably isn't the last time.

    SF thinks it's funny. Having a post that makes fun of people's deep seated beliefs is just a part of that good ole doctor charm.

  12. Oh please. I rarely post about religion at all, and even then usually pretty obliquely. If you think these silly little things are offensive, and you spend any time at all on the internet, then I'm amazed you ever find the strength to get off of the fainting couch.

    You want offensive? Go on over to Pharyngula and you'll see deliberate and calculated offense. I'm not condemning it, and I agree with much of the anti-creationist and quackery, but you'll note that neither do I echo the overt contempt towards religion.

    Oh, and many people (ironically, especially doctors) identify much more with their profession than any faith.

  13. Being a med student I can see how being a physician can define who I am, but do I hold the occupation up to the same esteem as my faith? I don't think comparing faith and occupation is fair.

    I think child rearing practices can be somewhat comparable though. You will probably acknowledge that you aren't the best dad in the world but that you're probably at least a decent father (or you believe you should be). If someone were to mock you or your wife's parental skill/style would you be offended? Maybe, maybe not I don't know, but some people would be.

    These silly things can be offensive to me, but I've seen far worse. I read Digg every so often and the people on that website are of the flaming atheist variety. For some reason the majority of the comments and a fair number of the highly digged articles on digg.com mock religion. But then again a fair amount of highly digged articles mock the Republican party as well. I suppose it's easier to tear things down than bring them up?

    Your occasional posts on religion, as you say, are fairly sparse and they aren't all that offensive. I know you don't hold a contempt for religion, but posts like these do convey a sense of haughtiness often seen by many who think they are better than the believers. I realize you're not a bad person at all, but I guess I just hold you by a higher standard than some anonymous blogger.

  14. Depends how much of your life you invest in each. Lots of people are irreligious or only vaguely religious. For these people, faith is just not a central element of their lives.

    Physicians dedicate a lot to their profession. See how you feel about being a doctor after residency. ;) You make a lot of sacrifices to do this gig. If you lose it, or if it's threatened, it's a terrifying thing to a doctor -- not just because of the loss of status or income, but because their identity is so caught up in their profession. I've counseled docs who have had to retire for health related reasons, and I really pitied how much they felt they had lost something central to their identities.

    So if you're really religious, yeah, you'll identify more with your faith, I'm sure. But for many, their profession is their life.

  15. I thought this post was perfectly appropriate and hilarious, just wanted to nit-pick and mention that Buddhism is a Non-Theistic religion. My "path" through the flow chart took me to atheist, and should've led to Buddhism:) Overall very cute though!

  16. Spit coffee on my keyboard at "fainting couch."

  17. CSGiles is a typical, narrow-minded "christian." Read your history Chaplain.

    Nice post and great flow-chart.


  18. Jews are equal-opportunity lovers of humus!

  19. Love the flow chart...how did you do it?..I also love your comment system set out as a discussion rather than a presentation of point!Again...how did you do it? I was born Catholic...became almost Athiest...moved into "spirituality" and then got saved during a suicide attempt and became Mathodist! Thankfully my God's Son Jesus said I can eat anything....which relieved my guilt (Catholic clingon!) when I found out that the black pudding I craved for breafast each morning during my misspent English childhood was actually "Blood" pudding!! Thanks for the entertainment.(the word verification thing I hate because I'm never really certain whether or not I'm seeing it right...obviously just a me thing??!!)


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