22 September 2009

Scary Stuff

ER Doc, cyclist and blogger SymTym writes about waking up to find himself in his own ER:

Several hours later I’m aware of being in the main trauma resuscitation rooms at one of the hospitals I work at. Wife is at the gurney’s side and one of my partners is at the door saying something—not heard or not remembered at this time. Left chest is incredibly sore...

Sounds like he's getting better -- glad to hear it.  An ER doc up this was was hit by a car riding his bike a few years ago and suffered a spinal cord injury.  He's made a remarkable recovery and has a blog (who doesn't?) about it over here. It's a scary world out there.


  1. Hard to tell which is more worthless - algorithmic pay for performance metrics, or the the reform proposals predicated on the validity of the Dartmouth Altas's central conclusions.

    This publication from "The Physicians Foundation" addresses both, and might be worth incorporating into your analysis of both.



    Might also take a look at this one while you're at it.


    Now back to tormenting souls...

  2. Bah. Right comment, wrong post. Intended the above for the "Paying for Quality" entry.

    Need to install some new lighting down here.



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