29 September 2009

Patient Safety

Organizational quality, which includes patient safety, patient empowerment and standardization of care has been an interest of mine for quite some time now.  It's more challenging in the ER where we see so many different diseases that it's difficult to find ways to do the same thing every time in specific cases.  But in care settings such as the ICU, or the OR, protocols and checklists are becoming the norm and with good reason.   They have been shown to save a lot of lives -- and not incidentally save a lot of money. 

Dr Val of Get Better Health (click through to see the recently relaunched site) had a nice interview series published with Paul Levy, CEO of Boston's House of God Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center about what they are doing to encourage patient safety.   It's only six minutes long, but well worth the time:

This series was underwritten by Johnson & Johnson, the firm so nice they named it twice.

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