15 September 2009

Number 37!

Everybody else is linking to it, so here it is:

We're #37 by Paul Hipp.

A cute little indie rock video "celebrating" the US as having the 37th best health care system in the world, behind the UAE and Costa Rica, among other warm, spider-infested countries.  It's catchy and has gotten enough attention to be vetted by PolitiFact's TruthMeter -- earning a rating of "Mostly True" amid a wonkish discussion of overall performance vs overall attainment.

The ultimate point here, I think, is not where we rank, in that lists are meaningless and even outcome measures are grossly overrated.  The point, made so eloquently is the song is:
We're Number 37
And we got something to say
We pay more for less
40% in fact
Lets bite some fingers off
Shout at the handicapped

Yes, we pay a lot more and get less for what we do pay.  Though I don't know about the coda there, but I suppose you get the idea.


  1. Shaow, you are so CUTE when you are so sincerely clueless. The WHO ratings are based on "fairness", not clinical outcomes, and you know that as well as I do. We have the unique status of being the only country with obese poor people who can eat, drink, and drug themselves into an early grave, taking neonates with them. Nice try, though, sweetie!

    Pattie, RN

  2. I believe that we alone also include deaths in our military in combat, and that other countries specifically exclude neonates who are deemed unsalvagable.

  3. More for less? Really? Being evil incarnate, I hope that you'll make an effort to defend whatever statistical aggregates that you are using as a proxy for what we're all getting, particularly since I'm virtually certain that it's infant mortality and life expectancy.

    Thought experiment: Move all of the Japanese to the south, and move everyone from the South to Japan - but leave the medical infrastructure and personnel in place. Then tell me what happens to the your favorite metrics in each place.



  4. You know what pisses me off about this kind of stuff. There is plenty of shit to fix in the system, plenty of problems to tackle, yet we are fed nothing but lies like this bs ranking business. Why go to something that is an out and out lie?

    Maybe if politicians on both side of the aisle were a little more honest with everyone, I would be able to take something they say seriously.


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