04 September 2009

Just Sayin'

If your medication list includes Namenda, you probably shouldn't be operating a table saw.


The stripes are radiopaque threads in a pack of 4x4 gauze blotting the blood from the hand.

(radial neurovascular bundle of index finger intact; marginal soft-tissue coverage, flexor tendon shredded. In case you're interested.


  1. usually these dudes are on warfarin too.

  2. ... which is why we bought my father in law the fancy stop-on-contact table saw as his neuropathy became worse.
    He complained bitterly about the fact that it ruined the blade the one time he didn't cut off his finger (when the blade contacts skin/conducts, the brake cuts in and the blade drops back abruptly.)
    Uh, right. Dude. I'll buy you a blade.
    Why these aren't the -standard- is kind of a mystery to me, after working in a clinic with many 9 (8, 7) fingered old carpenters as patients.
    Nice pic.

  3. I have nothing to say here, except to report that the word verification on this comment box was "fingug". Eerily appropriate.


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