30 September 2009

Haylee made me this


Haylee spent a while in the ER with me today.
She was not happy with me that I made them stick her with needles.
She is nine, and likes to draw, and occupied her time in the ER with this sort of thing.
Haylee was very happy not to have to get her appendix removed.
So she gave me her best drawing.
I like it a lot; it's an endangered species but she couldn't remember its name.

Sometimes my job sucks.  Sometimes I really like it.  Today was one of those days.


  1. Cute! It looks like a ring tailed lemur... crossed with an anteater...

  2. I am bothered by the inconsistent number of toes. ATTENTION TO DETAIL young lady!!

    seriously though, that's really sweet.

    what's the npv of drawing a picture in the er for acute appendicitis?


  3. Aww, that's a gorgeous slotigmur; she has it nearly perfect! Yes, very rare the sloth-tiger-lemur crosses these days; you don't get many to the pound. Not to be confused with the tiglemslo. Entirely different beastie.

    I'm constantly reminded that the crappiest day can be turned round on a sixpence by the words "...I made this 'specially for you" and given with a hug and a smile.


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