27 September 2009

Flogging Molly

Inexplicably mashed up with Doctor Who:

Ain't life grand?

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  1. You seem to have stumbled upon a part of "fandom" (ie. the world of people who are big fans of, sometimes absurdly obsessed with) movies, tv shows, music or the like.

    The most common (?) form of fandom creations is probably the infamous fan fiction -- writing stories based on the show, or the people in the band, or whatever.

    Another form of creation is called a "fan video" or "vid". These take some existing song and put clips from the tv show movie to set to the song. When it works, it can be interesting. When it doesn't work, which is most of the time (in my unhumble opinion) one gets a trusty spork and sticks it in ones eyes.

    Be careful. Do not go looking for more without your trusty spork.


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