28 September 2009


Had some fun at Qwest Field yesterday. Got to play with my new 300mm lens, with mixed results:
Matt Forte on the run
Turns out that it's hard to shoot good pics *and* watch the game simultaneously. Also, passing plays are a lot harder to capture, especially from the stands.  Running plays develop slower and you can get some key moments:
Forte "Down by Contact" on the one yard line.

I love this static shot on the goal line.  As you can see, we had good seats, and it was beautiful fall football weather.3rdandgoal

Of course, this was the best pic of the day:

Final score!

Yeah, it wasn't the cleanest win, but Cutler is starting to look like a decent acquisition, and I'm liking the rookie wideout Johnny Knox, who amazes me.  He is the exact same size as me: 6'0", 180 lbs. And he's playing in the NFL taking hits from these behemoth linebackers.  Wowie.  'Course, we are a little different in that he does a 4.26 second 40-yard dash.  I'm a bit slower.


  1. Nice shots, particularly considering you were in the stands rather than on the sideline.

    What camera/lens were you using?

  2. Had the game up on ESPN game cast while at work - wish I had been there live!

  3. I know there's been some bitching about the new shade of green, but those uniforms sure do photograph nicely. I'm sure your technique helps, too. :)

  4. Did you change to a way smaller font for part of your blog? It's hard to read. Or maybe I'm just getting old. :(

    Please change back!

  5. drsam: Sony alpha700 with 75-300mm f4.5-5.6 lens. Varied between autofocus and manual focus, and am unhappy with the soft focus on a few otherwise good shots. Unfortunately, can't remember which were which!

    Anon -- the photo captions are smaller and in grey. that's just skitch -- the photo hosting service. The rest of the blog should be unchanged.



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