10 August 2009

That about sums it up

I can't help but link to the must-read of the day, from AJC's Jay Bookman:

It doesn’t take Stephen Hawking to figure this one out
Grandmas and Unborn Babies Face Extermination by Obama’s “Health” Care Plan

Investors Business Daily has just exposed the Achilles’ heel of Obamacare, that hostile, socialist government takeover of your hospital, doctors, children, and grandparents. In an editorial entitled, “How House Bill Runs Over Grandma,” the editors report how President Obama was personally confronted by a North Carolina woman asking if “everyone that’s Medicare age will be visited and told they have to decide how they wish to die.”

So, not much new here.  More of the euthanasia conspiracies. (In a lovely bit of symmetry, conspiracy nuts who question Obama's citizenship are "birthers" and those who are sure that ObamaCare will kill your granny have been dubbed "deathers.")  But then Bookman checks out the Investor's Business Daily op-ed cited, and finds this lovely passage about rationing and the UK's National Health Service:
The U.K.'s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) basically figures out who deserves treatment by using a cost-utility analysis based on the "quality adjusted life year." One year in perfect health gets you one point. Deductions are taken for blindness, for being in a wheelchair and so on.The more points you have, the more your life is considered worth saving, and the likelier you are to get care.

People such as scientist Stephen Hawking wouldn't have a chance in the U.K., where the National Health Service would say the life of this brilliant man, because of his physical handicaps, is essentially worthless.

Let's play Trivial Pursuit:
In what country has Stephen Hawking resided for his entire life?
If you answered, the U.K., you're right!

So, if you follow the logic of Investor's Business Daily, the dire rationing systems in place in Britain withhold care from talented people like Dr Hawking, who lives there and was admitted to the hospital only recently.  Do you think they stopped to think about this, before they hit "publish"?  I suppose, given their prior history of just making stuff up, one moral of this story would be not to pay any credence to anything published in the Investor's Business Daily.  but I like Bookman's coda better:
Hawking is, you might say, living, breathing proof that these people are first-class fools.


  1. Seriously... have you bought into this BS plan hook, line, and sinker?

    Do you really, really want an NHS style system here in the states?

    My god... I thought doctors were supposed to be smart...

    You have certainly disproved that hypothesis...

    There are bloggers all over the internet who have nothing at all good to say about the NHS. If you don't believe them it's time to do some real research into their system of long waits, low quality, poor access...

    I know you'll just find a way to ridicule what I've said here (as you have before)...

    Go ahead... time will prove ME right...

  2. Twit. I've never said I want the NHS and am on record opposing single payer.

    The point is that some anti-reform "pundits" are so damned clueless that they can't help contradicting themselves in the same damn sentence.

  3. Healthcare Observer8/11/2009 1:40 AM

    There are also bloggers all over the Internet who cite the NHS as a model of universal provision and there are 60 million of us here in the UK who would no more get rid of it than stop eating. The NHS - like all health systems - is under cost pressures, but currently delivers health security for an entire population that simply doesn't exist in the US. The primary care network - and incidentally family doctors run their own businesses under NHS contract – gives everyone same day emergency appointments and a day or so otherwise, while much of the noise about very long waits is historical. Yes, you can wait longer for non-urgent elective procedures than in the US, but the idea that Britain is a nation beset by untreated illness is ludicrous.

  4. Stephen hawking was healthy until well into his studies.


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